Amateur HAM Radio

I am an Amateur (HAM) Radio operator – my original callsign VE6DOK is now my repeater call

Wires-X – For those of you interested in the new digital mode from Yaesu – the VE6DOK repeater here in Lethbridge (442.075 +5) is available to any licensed amateur operators. The node number here is 33172.  For more info on the repeater or HAM radio – check out the repeater website VE6DOK

I enjoy the HF side of HAM radio as well and I do check in on some of the nets around my area. Aurora Net on 7.100, the Montana Traffic Net 3.910, Manitoba Public Service Net 3.747, Saskatchewan Public Service Net 3.735, Alberta Public Service Net 3.700 and the BC net 3.729

I can also be found on some of the C4FM nets available on Wires-X nodes.  Here’s the Active Node List from Yaesu

I started a Facebook Group for Southern Alberta Amateur (HAM) Radio – stop by and have a look!

For those of you that are not familiar with HAM Radio – here’s a few links to check out

WikiPedia and Amateur Radio

Radio Amateurs of Canada RAC





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