West Lethbridge Weather Website

Several years back – in 2008 – I decided to build and setup a weather website dedicated to West Lethbridge and residents.  And so began https://westlethbridgeweather.com – a local Personal Weather Station that I have built.  This station incorporates a Davis Vantage Pro II Wired weather station and data logger and a dedicated workstation as well as several software applications.

The station collects and uploads data 24/7 and can be viewed online any time!  Current weather information and so much more is available right at your finger tips!

Did you that the 5-Day Forecast is actually generated here in a weather simulation application called WXSim.  Data is collected from the local weather station here as well as METAR data from Environment Canada etc. then compiled and uploaded to the Internet at 8 minutes past the hour.  Check it out and see how the 5 Day Forecast here looks!

You can even get hourly weather and more by following @wlwx or on  Twitter

A Shout-out to some of the developers of the weather applications we use!

Weather- Display  http://weather-display.com

WXSim http://wxsim.com

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